Aaand with a different suit:


Monster Duo


“Y” for Yes…thats my name. What do you want?


Process: same as outlined below.

Making -of of “Spike-y”

So I decided to do a making of of one my 3D illustrations. I try not to spend more than a couple of hours on these as I want them to be quick and spontaneous. For this image, there were a total of 3 lights. No GI or final gather was used as I found that they weren’t really helping in the look of the final render but bumped up render times. The below picture shows what I started off with:

The spiky models were sculpted and then edited in Maya (remesh). Theres no Uv mapping whatsoever, no texture painting etc. Just plain models with simple maya materials.


After adding lights:



And that’s it. I then take the images into photoshop, composite them together, put my copyright notice and im done!

To view the final image in full resolution:

I’m on Behance.

As the title says- im now on Behance. Im slowly updating it when I get the time. Go check it out :


The above illustration was modelled, textured, lit and rendered in Maya with slight post in Photoshop.

Making of Eggo (header image)

So a while back, I decided to create a 3D illustration simply because I haven’t done one in a long time . After creating it, I decided to take it a step further and rigged the character up and am currently animating it for a small series.
This making of however is just for the 3D illustration bit. After modelling all the elements, which basically consisted of spheres and cubes modified with lattice deformers, I textured and lit it. There were in total 5 lights used, no GI. However ambient occlusion was used in the final render.




All these images combined to create this final one which was taken into Photoshop and color corrected. All the elements were rendered at one go. I decided against splitting it up into layers as I felt it was unnecessary.


Internship and other updates.

Ok, so my blogs been due for a major update from quite some time, but procrastination prevailed. Till now. Ill start off with my animation internship at Pixelhunters back in 2014. To sum up, it was brilliant. The team there is friendly, helpful and ready to answer any questions. I picked up quite a bit of information, not just related to animation, but also compositing, sculpting etc.

My days basically consisted of arriving to work at about 9 30 ish in the morning, make coffee, animate, grab lunch, animate,  and then leave by around 6 PM. On some days, the clients would drop in to and there would be mini meetings. At times, the meetings would take place right next to me, as I was seated next to the animation lead, who was also my supervisor on the animation assignments. I learnt, that in a production pipeline, it is VERY important to have different saved versions, because even though the client may approve something, they can at times suddenly want to go back to a previous version and that to always keep a written record of what changes have been asked for and on what dates.

Some pictures:



Below is a picture taken during a client meet, when the layout was being discussed. Though at the time of taking the picture, the client was at the next table. Also, sorry about the contents of the monitors being blurred as im not sure if the project is completed or not.


Below a picture of a critique session going on.


Oh and just for kicks, this is the office right opposite. I really loved the white everywhere with the only colors being the things themselves. I have no idea why nobody was there in the office and the door was left wide open but…..


So that was how my 2014 ended. 2015 updates in the next post!